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NJ ACTS Awards 2020 Pilot Funding to RBHS – OHSU Informatics Team

Barbara Tafuto, PhD, Riddhi Vyas, PhD, of Rutgers SHP Department of Health Informatics along with Trish Prius, PhD of OHSU’s Clinical and Translational Research Institute were awarded NJ ACTS 2020 Pilot Grant.

The grant application requested funding for the development of a CTSA hub search engine that seamlessly connected common cores and initiatives from 60+ CTSA hubs across one database.

Grant reviewers supported the applicants position that having a go-to place to look at what other CTSAs are doing and find best-practices will be very helpful to the CTSA continuum nationwide. They also agreed with the awardees that the potential of quickly pulling information from across CTSA hubs would provide a great service to the translational community especially those interested in CTSA resources and related programs.

This funding is a novel approach to foundational informatics within the CTSA and supports the acceleration of clinical and translational science by improving access, organization, and evaluation of the information presented on CTSA hub websites.

This project entitled the “CTSA Search Solution Initiative” is set to begin by September 2020.